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Wildfire Newsletter

Dear Customers, This is Wildfire awareness month. Be aware and be prepared it can happen to you or a family member tomorrow. Two close members of the survival gear community have seen the horrific nature of these fires first hand. The owner of Guardian Survival Gear and his Fulfillment Manager both had parents lose everything […]

Why I Became a Prepper

Several years ago I was searching for another way to make a living. I had started Ten For God, L.L.C. as an online store where you could buy household items, gifts, and other random crap. Needless to say, it didn’t do very well. I then tried my hand at creating my own apparel line. That […]

Definition of “prepper” and “prepping”

A quick search of Google quickly pulls up a very accurate definitions of the words “prepper” and “prepping”. It’s really simple. A prepper is someone who actively and intentionally prepares for things like power outages, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Most of us, by now, have seen episodes of TV shows like ‘Doomsday Preppers’ and […]